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Race Director Dedicated Slack Group

We are excited at UltraSignup to bring our race directors a new resource. At Ultra we already have a robust race director only Facebook channel, but we wanted to bring our RDs a new way to communicate.

This new Race Director Slack Group will allow our RDs to go deeper and channel conversations for better organization, tracking, and searching.

We will still support our Race Director Facebook page, so our RDs will now have the option to use either platform (or both).

This is an invitation only Slack Group that will be closed to UltraSignup Race Directors. If you are an active UltraSignup RD please be on the lookout for your unique invitation to the group.

What Will the Race Director Slack Group Include?

As we have said before, one of the things we love about UltraSignup is the community that exists around trail and ultra running.

The RDs that use UltraSignup as their registration platform instantly gain access to some of the kindest and most helpful community of other RDs.

Multi-colored Plastic Monkey Toys With Arms Interlocking

It goes without saying, but, the only people that fully understand the struggles of being a race director are other RDs. Not only do they understand the struggles (and the joys) but they are overly welcoming to new members of the community.

Slack has many benefits over a standard Facebook page for this type of interaction. We have mentioned a few above, but we will touch on them again briefly:


  • Channeling:
    • Slack allows for different channels or threads on specific topics. So, when you enter the page you are able to quickly look at topics that interest you and ignore those of less interest.
    • It allows for conversations to continue without interruption from other unrelated discussions. This permits the conversations to go “deeper”, thereby increasing engagement.
    • Infinite scalability is also available. As race directors request new channels they can easily be added and available.
  • Search Functionality:
    • Facebook is not optimized for searching through a historical page. It is available, but it was not designed for this purpose.
    • Slack allows a user to search for old conversations, keywords, and documents.
  • Private Communications:
    • Slack permits members to break out into private groups where they can dive deeper into any topic.
    • Housing these private communications under the broader Slack channel allow for those discussions to be searched by the user as well.
  • Unread Notification:
    • Slack lets you quickly see what communications have happened in the channel since you last visited.
    • This can be accomplished through Facebook through scrolling, but there really isn’t a breakpoint in Facebook that helps with this.

There are many other benefits that our race directors can expect to realize from this new dedicated Slack channel.

Initial Slack Channels:

We are going to launch this new Slack group with a few pre-populated channels. However, this group will be flexible and channels will be added (if needed) or dropped (if not used). So, this will be a living and organic group that will grow and change with our race directors.

Here is the initial list:

  • General RD Topics
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Needs and Leads
  • UltraSignup Feature Upgrade Requests
  • Swag/Merchandise
  • Classifieds/Swaps
  • Random Nuggets
  • News/Announcements
  • COVID Issues
  • UltraSignup Ranking
  • UltraSignup Tips, Tricks, and Questions

We hope that our race directors realize the full value of this new roll-out. If anyone has any questions about this new platform please do not hesitate to reach out and discuss with us.